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  • What is UPI 123Pay
  • How To Use UPI123Pay
  • Brief Introduction of Methods Of the Latest Feature
  • Giving A Missed Call
  • App-based UPI 123Pay
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Proximity Sound Based Payments
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With the proliferation of digitalization in recent years, several offline features are also introduced in the digital field to enhance the significance of digital payments even in remote and rural areas. On the way of offline digital payments, RBI has lately introduced the UPI 123Pay feature, which will allow users to make payments without a smartphone or internet connection.

It has been seen in the neoteric years that Unified Payment Interface or UPI has emerged as the most used digital payment mode. And now, with the launch of the UPI 123Pay feature, around 45 crore feature phone users will be able to participate in the digital payment network securely.

What is UPI 123Pay?

UPI 123Pay is an advanced feature that will enable the feature phone users to make every transaction as UPI without having smartphones or an internet connection. These transactions involve sending or receiving money, paying electricity or gas bills, recharging mobile phones or Fastags vehicles, paying EMIs, etc.

How to Use UPI 123Pay feature?

With the facility of the UPI 123 Pay feature, users won’t have to be on pins and needles as they can easily make any transactions, without even considering the internet connection or variety of phones they’re using. They simply kick off their payments by following any of the indicated methods-

1- Giving a Missed Call
2- App-based UPI 123Pay
3- Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
4- Proximity Sound-Payments

Brief Introduction of Methods Of the Latest Feature

Let’s take a brief look at how this procedure works:

1- Giving A Missed Call

To execute this method, an individual simply needs to give a missed call to the number displayed at the merchant outlet, after that, an authentication call will be arrived to ensure the transaction and to enter the UPI pin for the fulfillment of the payment.

2- App-based UPI 123Pay

For this method, an app will be installed in the feature phone through which users can perform the various UPI functions at an ease. The scan & pay feature will not be available within this payment mode.

3- Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

To go for IVR service mode, the users are fundamentally required to verify a secured call from the same feature phone at the predetermined number. As soon as onboarding formalities are set up, they will simply be allowed to handpick digital payments.

4- Proximity Sound Based Payments

This sub-feature requires sound waves and proximity data communication to secure the payments at non-smartphone or featured phones.

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