Are you struggling with the Google Penalties and wondering to recover it from the roots? Then, Stop exasperate at all! Here, you’ll walk through the foremost causes concerning google penalties and apprise a fix to each item permanently. Fundamentally, you’re surely troubling by the fact why google serves these penalties and what is its origin? So, it’s high time to get over this!

Google SEO Penalties are typically imposed when any website violates the webmaster guidelines, a bundle of rules designated by the search giant to maximize a user experience in search engines.

If you’re persistently working on search engine optimization (SEO), getting penalized by google can diminish your efforts. Losing organic traffic, major indexing issues, devastating page ranking, domain de-indexing can be the consequential outputs of being penalized. But with the right SEO agency, all issues can ultimately get fixed right away.

Major Causes of Google Penalties

Let’s kick off with the complete guide of Google SEO Penalties. First, we’ll initiate you to the causes of Google Penalties, then get to their fixation tips ahead!

1- Hidden Text / Keyword Stuffing:

Hidden text is a basic text or links that only shown to search engines say, off-screen text positioned by CSS. Everyone is familiar with keyword stuffing, using specific keywords while SEO.

Excessive use of both factors get done to manipulate search engine throughout the SEO and so invite Google SEO Penalties. The right SEO service can excellently take you up over penalties.

2- Cloaked Images:

The term ‘Cloaking’ refers to representing different content than what users search while happening of searches in search engine.

Cloaked images refer to the blocked images followed by other images/text or mismatched thumbnails. Unauthenticity over usage of images eventually incurs Google SEO Penalties.

3- Sneaky Redirect:

When search engine analyses a sort of content having wrongly redirected than what users expect. It directly results in the issuing of Google Penalties.

Cloaking or sneaky redirects diminish the website’s organic traffic, user experience, ranking, and indirect revenue as well. To sincerely avoid this, contact the best SEO Agency before things take their worst turn.

4- Thin Content:

As clear by its label, content is insufficient. Insufficient and less added value content can badly impact the SEO as well as the brand value of your website.

You need to deliver fresh, updated, and problem-solving content that sincerely fixes the search queries of users. Nowadays, many websites are struggling with thin/unvalued content.

How to recover Google Penalties?

Below, we’re pointing out the simple & accurate steps to recover over Google SEO Penalties-

  • The Google algorithm updates issued for unnatural links, remove all unnatural links, excessive stuffed keywords, and sneaky redirects accordingly.
  • Remove all low-quality/ thin/ shallow/ duplicate/ poorly written/ misleading content from the website to regain ranking & authority.
  • Keep sharp eyes on new updates of google time-to-time. For starters, seek a good digital marketing agency with integrated penalty recovery services.
  • Make your hosting services clear as free hosting may assign many spammy websites that violate webmaster guidelines. A good SEO agency manages all hosting services accurately to avoid every single issue.
  • Fixing each penalty Google imposes on you can be time-consuming and devastating! With the right SEO Agency, you won’t have to worry about any type of penalties.

If you also need a partner to prevent major penalties from damaging your online business without wasting time and money, give AVingenious a chance! Google Penalty recovery services are sincerely integrated into our digital marketing, SEO solutions.